Xenija defends her Bachelor Thesis

Xenija Neufeld will defend her Bachelor Thesis.

Time and Location: Thursday 6 November at 15:00 in Room G29-035

Title: "Developing a Human-Like Bot to Win a Turing-Test in Computer Games"


You are welcome to attend! 

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Get Together

23.10.2014 - Our newly established group celebrated the first get together evening :-)





09.10.2014 - On Friday October 10th, Robert Garden will give a talk about his research. You are welcome to attend:

Titel: Analysis and Classification of Benchmark functions and guide-selection strategies in particle swarm optimization

Room: G29-035

Time: 15:00 Uhr


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New Member

29.09.2014 - Heiner Zille has joined the Intelligent Systems Group as a research and teaching associate.


CIG 2014

01.09.2014 - Xenija Neufeld won the second place at the student video competition at CIG 2014. Here is a link to Xenija's video for human-like bot competition:

Her program got the fourth place in the competition, which can pass the Turing test with 35.7%:


There were three teams present at the CIG 2014: left to right (Spain, South Korea, Germany, Spain)

Thanks to FaRaFIN for their great support!

Human-Like-Bot Competition Teams


Softwareprojekt in Summer 2014

08.08.2014 - July 2014: Our students demonstrated the result of their software project about Swarm Intelligence with Kuka-YouBots, which was held together with IVS-EuK.

Here are a group picture and a video:

Group Picture






Competition at CIG 2014

15.07.2014 - Xenija is attending the competition Human-like Bots at CIG 2014: Results will be announced on Friday 29th August 2014.


Kinder Uni 2014

15.07.2015 - On June 14th, Sanaz gave a lecture about "swarm intelligence" at the Kinder-Uni for 8 to 12 years old children. More than 400 children attended the lecture. Here are some pictures:





Inaugural lecture

05.02.2014 - Sanaz gave her inaugural lecture on February 5th, 2014. The title of her talk was "Schwarmintelligenz: Wie einfache Regeln Großes möglich machen - Theorie und technische Umsetzung" (Swarm Intelligence: Simple rules with large effects - theory and technical application).





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