Two papers at Eurogen 2019

Mahrokh and Sanaz attended the Eurogen conference 2019 in Guimaraes Portugal and presented two papers: 

  • Mahrokh Javadi, Cristian Ramirez-Atencia and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Combining Manhattan and Crowding distances in Decision Space for Multimodal and Multi-objective Optimization Problems
  • In EUROGEN conference, September 2019


  • Mahrokh Javadi, Heiner Zille and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • The effects of Crowding Distance and Mutation in Multimodal and Multi-objective Optimization Problems
  • In EUROGEN conference, September 2019



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Best Poster Award

Xenija received the best poster award at IEEE Conference on Games in London for the paper:

  • Xenija Neufeld, Sanaz Mostaghim and Diego Perez-Liebana
  • Evolving Game State Evaluation Functions for a Hybrid Planning Approach
  • IEEE Conference on Games, London, August 2019

The picture from Award Ceremony will be uploaded soon... 

2019-08-22-IEEECoG-1 copy


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3 papers at EPIA 2019

Palina and Sebastian presented three papers at EPIA 2019:

  • Palina Bartashevich and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Ising Model as a Switch Voting Mechanism in Collective Perception (Download)
  • EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11805. Springer, pp. 617-629, September 2019 --> Link


  • Palina Bartashevich and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Benchmarking Collective Perception: New Task Difficulty Metrics for Collective Decision-Making (Download)
  • EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11804. Springer, pp. 699-711, September 2019 --> Link


  • Sebastian Mai, Heiner Zille, Christoph Steup and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Online Optimization of Movement Cost for Robotic Applications of PSO
  • EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2019, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11804. Springer, pp. 699-711, September 2019 --> Link



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IEEE Conference on Games

Xenija, Alex and Sanaz were part of the IEEE Conference on Games which took place last week (20-23 August 2019) in London. We have been very successful!! Sanaz has been one of the general chairs, Alex was part of the video competition committee and Xenija received the Best Poster Award!



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Project Meeting at BOSCH Arena 2036

We have been visiting our industrial partner Bosch at Arena 2036. Really productive meeting:





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CI Group at GECCO 2019

Jens, Palina, Mahrokh, Sebastian, Heiner and Sanaz visited GECCO 2019 in Prague and presented 5 papers. The highlight of the conference was the keynote talk of Professor Ingo Rechenberg (photo with him):




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Games and AI Competition 2019

The students of the course Computational Intelligence in Games 2019 attended an internal competetion before getting ready for the international competition, which will take place at the IEEE International Conference on Games in August 2019 in London.

Special thanks to our sponsors RegioCom and AxeTrading.

Here some pictures of the event:


     2019-07-12-OvGU-CIG-HearthStone-4       2019-07-12-OvGU-CIG-HearthStone-3



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Visitors from UNSW Australia

Professor Ray and Dr. Singh from UNSW visited SwarmLab. We had very good discussions about common research and future works: 


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2nd Place at RoboCup WorldCup

Our Team RobOtto got the 2nd place at WorldCup RoboCup@Work League which took place from 2 to 8 July in Sydney. Here some pictures:






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Kick Off Meeting BMBF-Project MOSAIK

Jens, Thomas and Sanaz attended the Kick Off Meeting of our newly accepted BMBF project in Nürnberg.



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Annabel Latham visiting SwarmLab

Dr. Annabel Latham from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, is visiting us:


She will give a talk about: 

Automated Profiling of Individual Traits: Modelling Learning Styles with Oscar Conversational Intelligent Tutoring System

Use of computational intelligence methods for automated user profiling have been widely publicised recently following the Cambridge Analytica / FaceBook scandal, with implications for the ethics and governance of tracking data held on social media and other platforms. Debate over the validity of psychological models of personality and learning styles is not new, however adaptive and targeted online advertisements that rely on such models are big business. This talk explores the application of intelligent systems to user profiling in the online learning domain. It will describe research to develop methods for profiling individual traits in a learning context, introducing a Conversational Intelligent Tutoring System called Oscar and the experiments to automatically predict each individual learner’s preferred style in order to provide an adaptive learning experience. Using the Felder-Silverman model of learning styles, a set of typical behaviours is mapped to a set of variables to capture each learner’s behaviour during an adaptive conversational tutorial. The complexities of capturing data implicitly during a real-time tutoring conversation in a live teaching/learning environment will be discussed. A number of methods and algorithms (e.g. rule-based, MLP neural networks, decision trees, fuzzy decision trees) were applied to the behaviour dataset to determine the best predictions for each of the 4 dimensions of learning style, and for attribute selection to reduce time/complexity for application in real-time tutoring conversations.


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LNDW 2019

SwarmLab opened the doors to the visitors on Saturday 25th May. We welcomed many visitors:



LNDW19-SwarmLab-5 LNDW19-SwarmLab-4

LNDW19-SwarmLab-1 LNDW19-SwarmLab-7

LNDW19-SwarmLab-3 LNDW19-SwarmLab-15

LNDW19-SwarmLab-9 LNDW19-SwarmLab-14

LNDW19-SwarmLab-13 LNDW19-SwarmLab-10

LNDW19-SwarmLab-8 LNDW19-SwarmLab-12






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Lehrstuhl Film

Take a look inside SwarmLab:

The above movie has been prepared by the project FEMININ:


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New Research Project DORIOT

We are starting a new project called DORIOT which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Together with our colleagues at the University of Magdeburg, University of applied sciences Bielefeld, AKKA DSO GmbH and Thorsis Thechnologies GmbH, we will work on a dynamic runtime environment for organic (dis) aggregating IoT processes: "German: Dynamische Laufzeitumgebung für organisch (dis-)aggregierende IoT-Prozesse". 

The project started in May 2019 and will finish in 2022. 

More information will be available soon. 


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New Research Project MOSAIK

We are starting a new project called MOSAIK which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Together with our colleagues at the University of Erlangen, DFKI (German Research Center for AI), Robert BOSCH GmbH and NETSYNO Software GmbH, we will work on Methodologies for the self-organized aggregation of interacting components: "German: Methodik zur selbstorganisierten Aggregation interaktiver Komponenten". 

The project started in May 2019 and will finish in 2022. 

More information will be available soon. 



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2nd Place at RoboCup GermanOpen

Our RoboCup team got the second place at the @Work League in GermanOpen 2019:




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Keynote talk at OsloMet AI-lab

Sanaz gave a talk at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) for the Opening Ceremony of the AI-Lab:


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Research Retreat 2019

We spent the last two days in the beautiful area of Thale for our research retreat 2019. Lots of interesting talks, exchange of ideas, hiking and games were on the program.




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Dissertation Defense Tuan Tran Nguyen

Tuan Tran Nguyen has successfully defended his dissertation entitled “A Reliability-Aware Fusion Concept toward Robust Ego-Lane”. Rudolf Kruse (CI Group), Sebastian Zug (Bergakademie TU Freiberg) and Frank Hoffmann (TU Dortmund) are the three reviewers of this thesis. The photo shows Dr. Nguyen at the Otto von Guericke Memorial during the fun ceremony after the promotion defense. 



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KI im GenderCheck

Im Wissenschaftsjahr 2019 fördert das BMBF ausgewählte Vorhaben der Wissenschaftskommunikation zum Themenbereich Künstliche Intelligenz. In den kommenden Monaten gibt es viele spannende Projekte zu entdecken. Der lehrstuhl Computational Intelligence ist in dem Projekt "KI im Gendercheck eine Convention zur Künstlichen Intelligenz im Wissenschaftsjahr 2019” beteiligt. Im November soll eine Convention über das Thema geben. Mehr Info folgt.


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