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Welcome to the SwarmLab at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Our major goal in this lab is to make the theory work. The theory of Swarm Intelligence delivers very interesting features, but it is still an unexplored area when it comes to real applications. Taking the freedom for moving in a three dimensional space, we work on diverse topics about Swarm Intelligence using flying robots (FINken-II). Our students have built these robots which are very light and small and can only communicate within their local neighborhoods. You are more than welcome to contribute and take part in our team meetings! Please join our team meetings: every Tuesday at 10:15, Room G29-035

On Friday 19.02.2016, we had the official opening of our SwarmLab. Marco Tullner (State secretary) and Dr. Peter Tauber together with the president of the university Prof. Dr. Jens Strackeljan visited our SwarmLab.

For students: We always offer topics for Bachelor/Master Thesis, Software Team Projects (Bachelor), Scientific Team projects (Master), Individual Projects (Master) and Digital Engineering Projects. Please check out our current projects sites for simulation and robotics

You can find the related publications to our platform and robots here.


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Welcome to our SwarmLab!

In SwarmLab we work on diverse topics about Swarm Intelligence. You are more than welcome to visit and contribute.

Sanaz Mostaghim

Photo: Stefan Berger
Take a closer look at our flying objects