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Master and Bachelor Colloquium ("Bastelstunde"):

We meet every week on Thursday at 13:00 in Room G29-035 (SwarmLab).


Topics under work:

  1. Axel Garcia, Computational Intelligence in Games, HTN for StarCraft, Master Thesis
  2. Lennart Hoffmann: Machine Consciousness, Master Thesis
  3. Asema Hassan: Nature Games, Master Thesis
  4. Stephan Dörfler: Collective Information Proccessing in Swarm Robotics, Master Thesis
  5. Sebastian Mai, Mobile Sensor Networks, Master Thesis
  6. Simon Parlow, Modeling the Energy Consumption of Flying Robots in Swarm Robotics, Master Thesis
  7. Shengnan Chen, Simulation-based determination of multi-axis processing paths using machine learning, Master Thesis
  8. Robby Henkelmann, Mittel- und Langfristprognose von schnelldrehenden Anlaufteilen in der Automobilindustrie, Master Thesis
  9. Thomas Hennig, Multi-Criteria and Variability Analysis of Brain Activities in Dart-Game, Master Thesis
  10. Welf Knors, Modeling the Dynamics of Environments in Collective Robotic Search, Bachelor Thesis
  11. Thomas Seidelmann, Master Thesis
  12. Dominik Weikert, Master Thesis
  13. Chris Saxton, Detecting Rules from Playhthroughs in the GVGAI-Framework, Bachelor Thesis
  14. Maurice Hoffmeister, Multi-objective Path generation for RTS Games, Bachelor Thesis
  15. Bastian Heinrich, Developing agents for pre-made Hearthstone decks, Bachelor Thesis
  16. Michael Mera, Master Thesis
  17. Jannis Becke, Optimizing All-Shortest-Path-Dictionaries using Machine Learning, Master Thesis
  18. Cornelius Styp von Rekowski, Reflectance Reconstruction from Multispectral Images Using Deep Neural Networks, Master Thesis
  19. Tim Tippelt, Verwendung von Multi-Agenten Systemen zur Verhaltensmodellierung in unbekannten Spielen, Master Thesis
  20. Tony Schwensfeier, Clustering Analysis of the Hearthstone Meta-Game, Master Thesis
  21. Maximilian Kühn, Kinematic Path Planning using Neural Network based Rollout Strategies, Master Thesis,
  22. Sujan Adhikari, Regression Analysis for Optimizing Power Consumption of Production Plants, Master Thesis
  23. Jonathan Spiegel, Zeitreihen-Analyse von Bewegungsdaten mit tiefen Neuronalen Netzen, Bachelor Thesis





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