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We meet every week on Thursday at 15:00 in Room G29-035 (SwarmLab).


Topics under work:

  1. L. H.: Machine Consciousness, Master Thesis
  2. S. D.: Collective Information Proccessing in Swarm Robotics, Master Thesis
  3. S. M.: Mobile Sensor Networks, Master Thesis
  4. S. P.: Modeling the Energy Consumption of Flying Robots in Swarm Robotics, Master Thesis
  5. S. C.: Simulation-based determination of multi-axis processing paths using machine learning, Master Thesis
  6. R. H.: Mittel- und Langfristprognose von schnelldrehenden Anlaufteilen in der Automobilindustrie, Master Thesis
  7. T. H.: Multi-Criteria and Variability Analysis of Brain Activities in Dart-Game, Master Thesis
  8. W. K.: Modeling the Dynamics of Environments in Collective Robotic Search, Bachelor Thesis
  9. C. S.: Detecting Rules from Playhthroughs in the GVGAI-Framework, Bachelor Thesis
  10. M. H.: Multi-objective Path generation for RTS Games, Bachelor Thesis
  11. B. H.: Developing agents for pre-made Hearthstone decks, Bachelor Thesis
  12. J. B.: Optimizing All-Shortest-Path-Dictionaries using Machine Learning, Master Thesis
  13. C. SvR.: Reflectance Reconstruction from Multispectral Images Using Deep Neural Networks, Master Thesis
  14. T. T. : Verwendung von Multi-Agenten Systemen zur Verhaltensmodellierung in unbekannten Spielen, Master Thesis
  15. T. S.: Clustering Analysis of the Hearthstone Meta-Game, Master Thesis
  16. M. K.: Kinematic Path Planning using Neural Network based Rollout Strategies, Master Thesis,
  17. S. A. : Regression Analysis for Optimizing Power Consumption of Production Plants, Master Thesis
  18. J. S. : Zeitreihen-Analyse von Bewegungsdaten mit tiefen Neuronalen Netzen, Bachelor Thesis





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